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Hot Rolled Steel Sheets 

Millennium is a hot rolled sheet supplier with a substantial inventory of hot roll steel sheets available to meet unique application needs. 

Hot rolled steel sheets are made in a similar way to hot rolled steel plates. Steel slabs are heated up to extreme temperatures, exceeding the steel’s recrystallization point above 1700˚F. Next, the steel is passed through a series of rollers that thin out and lengthen the steel. Once the desired thickness is achieved, the steel is rolled into coils and then cooled for delivery.

Advantages of Hot Rolled Steel 

In comparison to unprocessed steel, hot rolled steel possesses attributes such as increased workability and formability. The process for hot rolled steel allows it to be produced quickly and in larger quantities, which in turn reduces prices. Being cooled at room temperature, hot rolled steel is also free, or close to free, of internal stress. 

One downfall, depending on the needs and application, is the scaly surface of hot rolled steel. In situations requiring the properties of hot rolled steel but with a smoother, cleaner surface, hot rolled pickled and oiled sheet may be the best option. Pickled and oiled steel has had the stains, scale, and imperfections removed, extending the life of your material.

Common Grades

  • CQ/CSB/1010
  • A36
  • A572-50
  • Floor plate
  • Uncommon or unique grades also available upon customer inquiry 


Because of the many advantages to hot rolled steel, such as its malleability, it can be used in certain high-stress applications or applications where precision is of high importance. These applications may include: 

Common Steel Sheet Sizes:
  • Width: 48" to 72"
  • Gauge: 16GA to 3/4"
  • Lengths: Cut to customers' requirements
48.0” Min Width
72.0” Max Width
16GA Min Gauge
3/4” Max Gauge

Millennium’s Services

With our stocking program and ability to warehouse/stock per customer release, Millennium is able to keep production on track while ensuring consistency of materials and services. We can do a few pieces or truckloads, with delivery available within 250 miles of our Illinois facility. We have multiple locations across the Midwest, offering six-month one-year stocking in every location. 

Millennium aims to provide the best customer service in addition to our high-quality products. Our logistics, paired with our extensive array of suppliers, allow for consistent materials, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction. Contact our team today to discuss what we can do for you.

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